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Colleague Down the Hall Podcast

Episodes include:
* Fictionalized case consultations groups about ethical
conundrums & gray areas in our work
* Discussions about trends in our field
* Ways to make your work fulfilling and sustainable
* Guests with therapist-facing topics to help you learn and grow
Case consultation episodes will include Jeanene Wolfe and a group of colleagues LIVE as we discuss fictionalized cases that highlight the gray areas and ethical conundrums we often encounter in our field. We will assess the cases, address treatment issues and give feedback.

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Dear Therapist,

Have you been looking for clinical consultation for your cases? Look no more, I created a community just for licensed therapists! CollabOasis Clinical Consultation groups are just what you need. Members participate in closed, facilitated groups of 6-8 fully licensed clinicians who meet virtually twice a month to get consultation on cases, discuss ethics, get business tips and resources, and find supportive colleagues you will get to know and trust. The focus of these groups is on supporting each other and creating a place of benevolence to establish trust and get the clinical support that is so vital in our work.

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