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Colleague Down the Hall Podcast

Episodes include:
* Fictionalized case consultations groups about ethical
conundrums & gray areas in our work
* Discussions about trends in our field
* Ways to make your work fulfilling and sustainable
* Guests with therapist-facing topics to help you learn and grow
Case consultation episodes will include Jeanene Wolfe and a group of colleagues LIVE as we discuss fictionalized cases that highlight the gray areas and ethical conundrums we often encounter in our field. We will assess the cases, address treatment issues and give feedback.

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I am so excited about the way this training series is shaping up! I hear from therapists ALL THE TIME that they were never trained in a specific way to assess cases which are complicated and/or involve the many gray areas in our work.

This training series is for exactly those types of cases and will include a 4 step process for assessment. I will teach each step and then we will apply it to an actual case.


I have added additional training dates so we can get more thoroughly into the new documentation process I am creating to go along with this assessment method.

That’s right! I am taking it even further by creating a framework for documenting the many steps we take to ensure thorough assessment including consultation, law and policy reviews, etc.

There will be a decision tree as well so you can capture the due diligence you have done for your case.

In this free training series, you will:
-decrease your fear or insecurity around assessment of high risk & complex cases
-learn a 4-step process to cover all the bases
-learn important aspects of documentation that often get overlooked
-practice using the CLEaR Method™ to assess and document a fictionalized case
-participate in a facilitated, judgement-free space

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