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I want to help bring clinicians together to get the most out of their clinical work, whether they are solo practitioners, part of a group practice or doing agency work.

I’m Jeanene Wolfe.

I am an online therapist and solo private practice owner and have been a social worker for over 30 years.

I began my career with a pediatric hospice working with families and facilitating groups then later transitioning into private practice in 2007. 

Having opened my solo private practice in 2013, I am aware of the complexities of learning to run a small business including marketing, insurance billing and all of the associated admin tasks, all while working in an office alone.

Although I loved working for myself, I also experienced more  imposter syndrome and loneliness than I was prepared for.

As I met other solo therapists, I realized I was not alone in those feelings so I began to research creating a safe, respectful space for therapists to get clinical, business and personal support.

While doing this research, I began hearing stories about other clinicians who had awful experiences in consultation groups.

At the same time, there were events happening in our country that lead to unbelievable volatility in FB groups for therapists.

It became really clear to me that the culture of my program had to be a foundation based on benevolence, trust and respect.

In launching the CollabOasis Clinical Consultation Groups in the spring of 2020, I created a unique program that provides a much needed small group experience for therapists to get the safe, professional support they need and deserve.

We have an amazing community of therapists who support each other in refining their clinical skills as well as growing in their work/life balance with confidence and connection to others so they can care for themselves the way they care for their clients.

Facilitating groups in an authentic, collaborative way is my superpower and I love welcoming new members into our community!

Jeanene Wolfe

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If you are looking for safe, trustworthy case consultation, I would love to chat with you about your needs. During our Discovery chat, we will discuss your practice, areas of need for getting peer consultation and I will answer any questions you may have about the CollabOasis Consultation Groups I offer. You can schedule a chat here: