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50. Nomadic Healing: The Journey of a Traveling Therapist with Kym Tolson

In today’s episode of the Colleague Down the Hall podcast, Kym Tolson and I delve into the innovative integration of telehealth practices within the therapy profession, particularly through the perspective of a traveling therapist. Unsurprisingly, many therapists are working remotely, with the pandemic providing newfound freedom to work from anywhere, as long as licensure and regulations are in order. This episode encourages therapists to pursue passions and live fulfilling lifestyles, considering the creation of multiple income streams, and the benefits of building a private practice that aligns with personal values. 


“You can have whatever kind of private practice you want to have. I'm an insurance based private practice, Owner, solo private practice, that works from anywhere, you know, because that's, that's my dream. That's what I want to do. So figure out who you want to be. And then build your practice around that instead of, you know, like, we were saying, following these grad school rules, that you have to have a brick and mortar and you can't see people telehealth, and you have to take all the insurances, and you have to be poor, like, do not have to do that. Think of who you want to be and then build it around that. And go from there.”- Kym Tolson

What you’ll learn:

  • Adaptability and Lifestyle Changes: Kym shares her story of moving from a brick-and-mortar office to traveling and working remotely. She discussed the need for adaptability with this lifestyle which for her meant making substantial lifestyle changes, such as selling her possessions and moving to different locations in order to maximize pursuing her personal and professional aspirations.
  • Navigational Challenges of Remote Work: The discussion highlights various challenges associated with remote work and traveling, including dealing with time zones, maintaining consistent internet access, managing licensure across different states and countries, and adjusting to new environments.
  • Ways of Traveling as a Therapist: We discuss the variety of options for being a traveling therapist that don’t require the initial full-time commitment Kym took in her own journey. 
  • Resourcefulness and Planning: We explore the importance of being resourceful and planning ahead, such as dealing with the logistics of travel, managing a remote practice, and utilizing tools like AI to enhance efficiency and cope with the demands of a traveling therapist lifestyle.
  • Regulatory Considerations: This episode emphasizes the importance of understanding and complying with licensure laws and insurance policies when practicing telehealth from various locations, highlighting the need for thorough research and compliance to practice ethically and legally.

About the Guest:

Kym Tolson, the founder of The Traveling Therapist, is a business owner, therapist, and an entrepreneur. She developed multiple income streams that allow her to live an amazing life while she travels the world living in Airbnb's. She helps therapists create and maintain prosperous private practices while traveling the world through courses, memberships, and free support communities. 


Connect with Kym:



Instagram: @thetravelingtherapist_Kym

The Experts' Guide to Becoming a Traveling Therapist Link: