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49. Marketing Your Private Practice: The Value of a Great Website and SEO with Gabriel Valdez

In today’s episode of the Colleague Down the Hall podcast, Gabriel Valdez with NerdAlert Solutions,  joins me to talk about the importance of having a strong online presence and an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for therapists in private practice. A lack of technical knowledge and feelings of overwhelm around creating a website can be challenging for therapists. Gabriel highlights how professional assistance in web development and SEO can significantly help therapists attract more clients, grow their practice, and navigate online marketing. This episode addresses the importance of having an online presence, assessing the cost vs benefits of professional services, and understanding basic elements of SEO to enhance visibility and success in online marketing.


“So it's very, very important to have SEO. And that's basically what it is;  getting found to show up on the top of Google (searches). Even your Google business profile that shows up, where there's usually three businesses, if you click ‘more’, you see the other businesses. But when you show up there, your conversion rate goes up tremendously. And now you're getting found, and you're able to fill up your intakes, your schedule, and if you have a group practice, it's even greater, because now you're not only filling up your schedule, you're filling up other therapists and clinicians. So it's very powerful.”- Gabriel Valdez


The key takeaways are:

  • Importance of SEO in Private Practice: The role of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in marketing for private practices. SEO helps in getting a practice's website found by potential clients searching for therapy services.
  • The Challenge of Website Development and Marketing for Therapists: Many therapists are not tech-savvy and find the idea of creating a website and starting marketing very daunting. This episode addresses the difficulties therapists face in marketing themselves and building a visible online presence.
  • Professional Assistance with Website and SEO: The conversation with Gabriel addresses the value of professional web development and SEO services. Gabriel's approach includes creating effective websites, managing them, and providing SEO services tailored to therapists' needs.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions for Therapists: Despite financial constraints, there are affordable solutions available for therapists to develop their online presence and improve their SEO. Learn how investing in such services can be a good business decision, leading to growth in your online presence and a stable caseload.
  • Content Creation and SEO Strategies: The discussion covers strategies for improving SEO, such as creating fresh content, optimizing website images, and having a Google Business Profile. It emphasizes the importance of consistent content creation and proper website structuring for better search engine rankings.


About the Guest:

Gabriel Valdez has 13 years of web design and development experience with 7+ years of experience working with health practitioners with web design and SEO. He understands HIPAA Compliance and ADA compliance. His main goals are to provide a professional service that does not break the bank and to help his clients’ businesses grow.


Connect with Gabriel: